Roaches is the Theme of the Month)s) June and July | I <3 rrrRoaches in MedRez

<p>Come Blaze rrrRoaches with The Canadian CHRONiSSEUR.</p><p>Long video with lots of information and subjective opinion. It's up to you to decide which statement is information and which mutterings and mumblings are my opinion only. Agree or Disagree. Just don't leave a comment. No one else will read it.</p><p>Learn what a CRD is. Hint: It's a CHRONiSSEUR's ROACH DOOBIE!</p><p>Thanks fer Watchin.</p><p>***MedRez means Medium Resolution***</p><p>And remember...</p><p>Inhale! Exhale! Enjoy!</p><p>I &lt;3 Roaches!</p>