Inside the UK's Cannabis Clubs - The Truth Behind Cannabis Clubs

<p>This week on Inside the UK&rsquo;s Cannabis Clubs we&rsquo;re at Teesside Cannabis Club talking to Michael Fisher.</p> <p>Watch the full episode now -<a href=""></a></p> <p>#cannabisclubsuk #ukcannabissocialclubs #cannabisclubs #ukcannabisclubs #unitedkingdomcannabissocialclubs #teesidecannabisclub</p> <p>Since 2014, Fisher has built the Teesside Cannabis Club into a functioning model for &ldquo;safe cannabis consumption rooms&rdquo; that he hopes to expand across the United Kingdom.</p> <p>We talk about the &ldquo;logistical nightmare&rdquo; of supplying cannabis to club members, competing with the black market, the invaluable support from former Police and Crime Commissioner Ronald Hogg, and much, much more. </p> <p>Inside the UK&rsquo;s Cannabis Clubs</p> <p>We&rsquo;re going inside the world of UK cannabis clubs with our brand new docu-series - Inside UK Cannabis Clubs.</p> <p>Each week of April 2020, we are taking a look at a different side of cannabis, talking to people from all walks of life with one thing in common - cannabis. We&rsquo;ll see how each one brings their unique perspective to cannabis from regulatory matters to impactful economic change.</p> <p>Get the full insights on -<br /> The Extract- Cannabis News Covering Change</p> <p>[Disclaimer]<br /> The views and opinions expressed by the interviewees do not necessarily represent the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of The Extract UK or official policies of The Extract UK.</p> <p><br /> The material contained in this website is intended to provide general information and should not be relied upon as professional advice.</p>