Citrus Punch & Tangie Review

<p>Smoking on Citrus Punch and Tangie and I gotta say these bad boys are good asf, both have a orange flavor with a lemon after hit which is absolutely amazing and good for a nice relaxing day with some good imagination as well. Maybe a good creative mind set who knows, anyway both strains are Sativa Dominant.</p> <p>If you like the fact I do review hit that like button and also comment I&#39;ll be doing more as well, most importantly don&#39;t forget to Subscribe for more of my content!</p> <p>Music by Sunday Morning on Spotify <a href=";utm_source=copy-link">;utm_source=copy-link</a></p> <p>-</p> <p>Pull The Curtains on Spotify</p> <p>;utm_source=copy-link</p> <p></p>