Technology News Tracker: Digital Engine Technology Reduces Fuel Use and Emissions

Camcon Automotive has developed a digital engine technology capable of lowering fuel costs and emissions in heavy-duty diesel engines. It features the company’s Intelligent Valve Technology which replaces the camshaft with electric actuators for precise control of engine breathing. The Intelligent Valve Technology is combined with software to create a system which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. The technology gives infinite control over engine valves, aiding various aspects such as management of emissions and on-demand cylinder deactivation. “Breathing has been stuck under the control of increasingly complex but essentially mechanical variable valve train systems. iVT is as big a leap forward as the change from carburetors to electronically controlled fuel injection,” explains Neil Butler of Camcon Automotive. The company’s vision is to incorporate a suite of software that allows iVT to be calibrated through machine learning, resulting in an optimized combustion engine.