Treepot Grow with Mars Hydro SP 3000 Side Light - Day 38 + New Blinding Ultra Pure White Painted Reflector!

<p>I have my second 4&quot; vent leaving the room as a suppemental vent per my GAC Carbon ceiling vent is only 2&quot; diameter and 80 cfm max, no matter how hard Iforce it. Humidity is way low this season, but I need more fresh air for all this light! 1075 Watts LED&#39;s this space ~ 2.5&#39; x 5&#39;. A Black Plastic drape tends to smother it otherwise. . . . .As Promised --&gt; So this guy finds a Jenie Bottle and rubs it and the Jeanie he frees tells him &quot;As a reward for freeing me from my Bottle I will grant you 3 wishes!&quot; &quot;However, if you wish for something I cannot do, you lose that wish!&quot; &quot;Choose wisely!&quot; The guy says right away &quot;I want to be a young man again!&quot; Jeanie says &quot;Strike 1!&quot; The guy thinks and pulls a map out of his back pocket and tells the Jenie, &quot;I want peace in this part of the World!&quot;, except he is pointing towards the Middle East. Jeanie says &quot;Strike 2!&quot;, and &quot;Look man, you only have one more shot. Go ahead and be selfish! Wish for something personsl! The guy tels the Jeanie. &quot;All right then!&quot; &quot;Just one time before I die, I want this unspeakable favor from my wife!&quot; The Jeanie groans long and slow and says, &quot;OK let me see that map again!&quot;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>