A fleet view of the latest truck technology | Fleet Equipment Unscripted

To truly take advantage of the latest truck technology, you have to do more than spec it. You have to do more than analyze it. The real key to making technology work for your trucking operation is something far more difficult: Communication. You have to talk about the technology, understand its uses the same way someone else in your organization understands it. In short, you have to be on the same page about its benefits, uses and limitations. That's the part that's far more difficult than buying it. For a better understanding of communication's role in the truck technology utilization process and a get a glimpse into how one of the country's biggest and most successful fleet overcomes technology challenges, I connected with Daragh Mahon, Werner Enterprises's chief information officer, who recently joined the company and has an impressive background in IT and communication fields. Watch the video above for our conversation on technology opportunities, data visibility and how it all comes together.