Queerty Presents "A Coffee Grinder," a film by Nelson Moses Lassiter

A newly purchased coffee grinder becomes the catalyst that forces a couple to confront a harsh truth. Is love strong enough to keep them together? Director’s Statement from Nelson Moses Lassiter: A Coffee Grinder is a dramatic depiction of the struggles of mental health and its impact on a relationship. Mental health is rarely discussed in public and is widely misunderstood. Through this film, I wanted to reflect the dissonance between two people seeing eye to eye and how their individual values are put into jeopardy over mental health. One suffers from depression and the other suffers from high functioning anxiety. Both are very common and misunderstood. When confronted by either, a lack of awareness makes it difficult to separate the illness from the individual. Given the past year and the pandemic, mental health has been in the forefront of many relationships. Synopsis: Sean is a homebody struggling to find work. He can barely finish his resume and spends most of his time sleeping and playing video games. His partner, Oliver is an ambitious professional who is unaware of his own high functioning anxiety. He thinks Sean is lazy for not trying hard enough to find work. One day, Oliver decides to buy a coffee grinder even though they agreed to cut back on spending. Sean confronts him but is quickly taken back by Oliver’s implication that he can make purchases because he is the only one employed. Oliver expresses that in his eyes Sean is a 32 year old child and there is nothing wrong with wanting new things in life. Feeling the deep cuts of Oliver’s words, Sean implores how wanting more relates to himself. Oliver expresses his love for Sean but demands he wants him to be better. A defeated Sean replies, what if this is the best version of him? Will Oliver want something new? Crew: A Coffee Grinder boasts a diverse cast in front and behind the lens. Kalilah Robinson, a woman of color and AFI Cinematography Award recipient tells a brilliant visual story while working alongside director and actor, Nelson Moses Lassiter an LGBTQ BIPOC. This diversity lends itself to new perspectives and helps tell a compelling story about a young couple on the verge of splitting due to the realization of unshared values and a misunderstanding of mental health. Director Biography: Nelson Moses Lassiter is a black filmmaker living in NYC and a member of the LGBTQ community. His films aim to highlight the human experience of underrepresented groups while utilizing diverse talent in front and behind the camera. As a Netflix Production exec by day and independent filmmaker by night, Moses uses film as a medium to connect us all and inspire underrepresented groups to dream bigger and believe all things are possible. Writer, Producer, Director Nelson Moses Lassiter Oliver (Actor) Nelson Moses Lassiter Sean (Actor) John Brodsky Director of Photography Kalihah Robinson Assistant Camera Jaclyn Vresics Assistant Director John Hulme Sound Mixer / Recordist Chris Castro Production Assistant Marcus Crawford Guy Editor Nelson Moses Lassiter Composer Yuki Ohnishi Sound Editing William Hsieh