Treepot Grow with Mars Hydro SP 3000 Side Light - Day 1

<p>Tree Pot # TP915R from 15.5&quot; Tall x 9&quot; Wide, 3.2 Gallons. First try I found these greatly increased growth rate from week 2 through 6. Roots quickly filled the 3.2 Gallon containers last time I tried these, where I usually use 1.75 Gallon pots. Harder to fit these into wardrobe boxes as needed.</p> <p>Nutrients: 1/4 tsp Miracle Grow Tomato Food, 1/8 tsp dissolved Epsom Salt, per Gallon RO water every single watering each two days. PH adjusted to 6.5. Oyster Shell Powder for Calcium.</p> <p>Soil: 1/3 Pro-Mix, 1/3 Perlite, 1/3 Organic Premium Outdoor Potting Soil. Nutrient water PH&#39;d to 6.5. If 6.0, can only handle 1/8 tsp MG per Gallon.</p> <p>Lights: are home made Cree CXB3590 COBS x8 each fixture for 225 Watts each x3. Cost ~ $600 each fixture. This is the most efficient way to run these Cree COB&#39;s to get 2/3 light and 1/3 heat, Vs. other way around if you select a brighter power supply. I only wish I spaced 6&quot; x 6&quot; Vs. 6&quot; x 8&quot; you see here. Then could fit 4 over a bathtub! Meanwell Transformers HLG-185H-C700B. Mars Hydro TS3000 is hung as a side light. Try this as a side light. You will be amazed!</p> <p>Left to right: God Father OG Kush, Romulan, OG Kush, Scarlet Johansson, day 1 of flower.</p>