Life Update:Where have I been | Bakedbeauty420

<p>Hey my Beautiful buds! Did you miss me?!? I&#39;m back beech with another video. Today I just wanted to enjoy this beautiful weather &amp; have a nature sesh with my favorite quarantine buddy! I know I am sorry we talked hella about the Corona Virus in this video... we just can&#39;t help it. Everything that is going on right now is heavy on our minds. I am so so so much better now since I filmed this video &amp; I am very excited to get new content for you guys! I am so sorry I went MIA for so long. As you can hear my lungs were just sooo bad! Smoking was literally the worst. But now I can smoke so a beech is back just in time for 420! I really hope April start turning around for McKay &amp; I.. Lmao!</p> <p>I love you guys so much and I promise Monday I will be back with a new video!</p> <p>Follow me on Instagram!<a href=""></a></p>