Kim Jong-un reportedly in coma, sister Kim Yo-jong may take over: Key details

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is reportedly in a coma, according to multiple reports in the media. Kim was last seen presiding over a Workers’ Party politburo meeting on April 11 and has not made a any public appearance since. Chang-Son-min, a former aide of South Korea’s late President Kim Dae-jung tol media outlets that a complete succession structure has not been worked out yet and hence Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jung is reportedly calling the shots in matters of policy and governance. Chang argue that this was done as a vacuum cannot be maintained for a prolonged period. Kim Yo-jung came into prominence when she became the first member of the Kim family to visit South Korea as part of the delegation for the winter Olympics. She is considered to be the brains behind Kim Jong-un’s public image and is also known to be Kim’s close confidante. She was earlier a part of North Korea’s propaganda agencies and is presently a member of the politburo of workers’ party of Korea. Watch the full video for all the details.