CNN's Harwood: Biden A Fundamentally Decent Person, Donald Trump Is Not

CNN political correspondent John Harwood called Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden a "fundamentally decent person," adding that Donald Trump is not. "Joe Biden is not the greatest thinker or speaker or campaigner in the Democratic party," Harwood said Wednesday on CNN. "He's lost a few steps at age 77. But he is fundamentally a decent, honest person who cares about others and wants to try to help them. Donald Trump is none of those things. Donald Trump does not care about other people. He cares about helping himself." "He doesn't care who is hurt or what is broken along the way," Harwood said. "The American people have seen that, and that's why Joe Biden has got that healthy lead in the polls and we've got just a few days left for the president to try to turn that around. The signs are not promising for him." Harwood reacted to a taped conversation between Jared Kushner and author Bob Woodward: "It shows that Jared Kushner was right in one other thing that he said on that tape that we've heard today, he said the biggest problem the president had was overconfident idiots around him. Overconfident idiots is something that Jared Kushner is very intimately familiar with." Host Don Lemon praised the comment as "high-level shade." "That was a burn right there. That was some high-level shade right there," he said laughingly.