CLEAR EVERY CROSS - Winning Defensive Skills

CLEAR EVERY CROSS - Winning Defensive Skills. USSF Certified Coach, Virginia State Cup Champion, and U15 Boca Head Coach, Tyler Cornelio, demonstrates a drill for mastering clearing crosses as a defender in soccer and the proper technique behind the skill in this soccer defending video tutorial. The drill is conducted with one outside attacker who dribbles down the line and crosses a low ball in, and a defender who starts close to the goal and runs out to meet and clear the incoming cross. To conduct this soccer skill properly, the defender must adapt to the speed of the ball, making sure that their run is timed correctly and their clearance will have both the height and distance needed to be cleared from danger and not be intercepted by any attacking players. Players should look to clear harder passes by deflecting them away with their instep, and clear softer crosses with more power and using their laces. This soccer training drill will help players master how to deal with crosses on defense, which is an essential skill for all defensive players and positions in soccer. Once players are comfortable clearing crosses like this, opposing forwards should be added to the exercise, who will try to score. This makes the practice more realistic for the defenders, and gives them the rehearsal and confidence needed to deal with crosses in a match. This drill should be practiced twice a week while learning how to clear crosses, and should be rehearsed with both feet on crosses coming from both sides.