The Herb Vaper - Vape Of The Month March 2021 Boundless Technology CFC 2.0 Dry Herb Vaporiser

<p>Hi everyone, thank you for joining us. This is a new feature on The Herb Vaper, vape of the month! Each month I&#39;ll be choosing a different vaporiser from my collection and I&#39;ll go through my thoughts on that piece.</p> <p>This month I&#39;m starting with a relatively new addition to my collection, the Boundless Technology CFC 2.0 this is a battery-powered, digitally controlled dry herb vaporiser with a widetemperature range (140-446F) which makes it suitable for all kinds of herbs andblends.</p> <p>I really like this for its portability and battery life, the vapour production is surprising for a unit of its price range and design. Some of these styles of mouthpiece seem to get hot quite quickly and although it doesn&#39;t provide much cooling it doesn&#39;tget unpleasant. The included water pipe adapter also lets you connect this to a bong or bubbler which will provide extra cooling and also condition the vapour.</p> <p>There are a few downsides to this vape but they&#39;renot a huge dealbreaker for me, much outweighed by the pro&#39;s. This is ideal for someone who doesn&#39;t vapeall dayevery day or a beginner. If you are a heavy user I would maybe consider something with a bigger chamber such as theCFXor the Tera both by Boundless Technology.</p> <p>Thanks for your time, Erm...</p> <p>The Herb Vaper</p>