Mighty+ Plus Vaporizer Review (2022)

<p>We know this review is late, but in our defense, it took Storz and Bickel almost eight years to update their top-of-the-line mighty vaporizer. It is only fitting that we took our time to know the differences between the OG grey Mighty and the new and improved Orange Mighty+ (plus). It&#39;s almost as if a trendy website and this very popular dry herb vaporizer had a silent brand partnership and didn&#39;t tell anyone.</p> <p>Truthfully there isn&#39;t much new with this device compared to the original mighty vape: some physical improvements but mostly esthetical improvements and some modernized features. Overall, these are precisely the refinements Storz and Bickel needed to give the Mighty to become more well adjusted for modern times and modern problems like slow charging and charging cord availability.</p> <p>We go over the basic specifications of the Mighty Plus, such as battery life, ease of use, critical differences between the new and old mighty and how to use your new mighty dry herb vaporizer.</p> <p>For a more in-depth review of the new Storz &amp; Bickel Mighty+ (plus) Herb Vaporizer:<br /> <a href="https://tools420.ca/mighty-plus-review/">https://tools420.ca/mighty-plus-review/ </a>(Canada)<br /> <a href="https://tools420.com/mighty-plus-review/">https://tools420.com/mighty-plus-review/</a> (USA)</p> <p>Purchase Here:<br /> <a href="https://tools420.ca/product/mighty-plus-vaporizer/">https://tools420.ca/product/mighty-plus-vaporizer/</a> (Canada)<br /> <a href="https://tools420.com/product/mighty-plus-vaporizer/">https://tools420.com/product/mighty-plus-vaporizer/</a> (USA)</p> <p>Follow our Instagram - <a href="https://www.instagram.com/tools420/">https://www.instagram.com/tools420/</a><br /> See us on Facebook - <a href="https://www.facebook.com/Tools420">https://www.facebook.com/Tools420</a><br /> Talk to us on Twitter - <a href="https://twitter.com/Tools420Shop">https://twitter.com/Tools420Shop</a><br /> Dance with us on Tiktok - <a href="https://www.tiktok.com/@tools420ca">https://www.tiktok.com/@tools420ca</a><br /> #tools420<br /> Storz &amp; Bickel Mighty+ Plus Review Timecodes:<br /> 0:00 - Intro<br /> 1:01 - Mighty+ Vaporizer Introduction<br /> 1:30 - What Makes The Mighty Vaporizer So Great<br /> 1:47 - Mighty+ Vaporizer Changes to the OG Mighty<br /> 1:57 - Mighty+ Vaporizer New Ceramic Bowl<br /> 2:18 - What else is new in the Mighty+ Vaporizer (fast charging, USB-C charge port and better standing features)<br /> 2:35 - Mighty+ Vaporizer Ease of Use Challenge<br /> 6:25 - Outcome Of Mighty+ Vaporizer Ease of Use Challenge<br /> 6:49 - Issues found on Reddit about the Mighty+ Vaporizer<br /> 6:58 - Mighty+ Error Codes And How to Get Help<br /> 7:20 - Mighty+ Vaporizer Battery Life<br /> 7:30 - Mighty+ Vaporizer Vs Mighty Vaporizer Battery<br /> 7:38 - Mighty+ Vaporizer Faster Oven<br /> 7:46 - Mighty+ Vaporizer USB-C Charging<br /> 8:05 - Mighty+ Vaporizer Front User Interface Screen Issues<br /> 8:44 - Wrapping up Mighty+ Vaporizer<br /> 9:03 - Mighty+ Vaporizer Terpene and Cannabinoid Extraction<br /> 9:18 - Mighty+ Vaporizer Final Thoughts</p>