NYT's Matthew Rosenberg: Christopher Steele Concerned He Will Be Thrown Under The Bus

New York Times Matthew Rosenberg said Christopher Steele, author of the Steele dossier, is increasingly concerned that he will be thrown under the bus after he speaks to investigators about the role he played in the Trump-Russia probe. Rosenberg, calling Steele "simply a source of information," said the British national had "nothing to do" with any misuse of the dossier for FISA warrant purposes. "He is incredibly concerned and obsessed this investigation is going to throw him under the bus. And his view, at least from the people close to him, is, 'Look, I was working on this dossier that people were paying for. I saw things that the Democrats were paying for. I saw things that seemed frightening to me and alarming. I went to old contacts of the FBI to tell them. I wasn't a paid source in this case.' That's his view of it," Rosenberg reported on Tuesday's 'CNN Tonight' with host Don Lemon. "He was simply helping them out. And what they did with it, if they used -- misused it in a FISA, whatever they did, he had nothing to do with that. Which is to a degree true. He's not part of that process. He was simply a source of information. And I think he's acutely concerned he's going to be thrown under the bus here," Rosenberg said.