LIMITED EDITION! Day of the Dead & Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Stoner Boxes

<p>*ABOUT THE BOX*</p> <p>Buy a Box (Not a subscription):</p> <p>**Don&#39;t forget to use code HIGHTHERE for 10% off your orders!</p> <p>This isn&#39;t a subscription BUT they do have new boxes in LIMITED quantities each month. You just order when you want a box and don&#39;t worry about cancellation since it is not a subscription. You&#39;re always guaranteed certain necessities, but most importantly GLASS (and also discrete packaging!)</p> <p>MOOSELABS MouthPeace: **Use code CHRISSY15 for 15% off your entire order ;)</p> <p>*CONNECT WITH ME*</p> <p>Snail Mail: PO Box 319, Washington, MI 48094</p> <p>Instagram:</p> <p>Email:</p> <p>Stoner Things I Love on Amazon:</p>