Design & Engineering Insights: Terzo Power Systems Uses Electrification to Improve Hydraulic System Efficiency

Hydraulic systems are extremely inefficient by their nature, says Mike Terzo, CEO and CTO of Terzo Power Systems. As such, he felt it was necessary to look at the largest contributors of lost energy, which is typically valves, and redesign hydraulic systems to eliminate those losses. Terzo Power Systems developed its Hydrapulse technology to replace valves. The system enables the electrification of off-highway equipment by integrating motor control electronics with a motor and hydraulic pump into a single unit which can then be installed into a machine to perform several fluid power functions. By adding electrification capabilities to hydraulic systems through use of a technology like Hydrapulse, Terzo Power Systems has found efficiency can be improved. Downsizing of components can be achieved, as well as a reduction in the amount of oil used. The number of components and leak points can also be reduced, improving reliability.