How To NEVER FORGET Your Best Highdeas Again

What’s a highdea? Can they be useful? Can you somehow REMEMBER them? Does our brain actually think differently while under the influence of a substance like Marijuana? Today on Lex’s World I explore this topic as well as my own thoughts on the term ‘highdea’. There is actually a way to harness the power of highdeas…and that is to make a voice memo on your phone of all your potentially-useful highdeas and review them when you’re sober! You’ll be amazed what you’ve come up with. This show I do was originally a quick highdea! You can help me LOTS just by shopping at my Amazon Store...all grow gear and paraphernalia hand-picked by me: My episode on whether Cannabis is a gateway drug: My Facebook: My Twitter: Share your highdeas and see countless funny/good ones: Have a pressing question for me directly? See my 420 Club for more info: I have an off-topic channel called Lex’s Lounge! Check it out: SEEDS - Please go to the following URL for worldwide shipping from an established, legal company + a deal on seeds (if the link doesn't work, you gotta pause Adblock, also, make sure you favorite this link):