Michigan Voters Sound Off On Mueller Report to CNN: "It Was A Hoax All Along"

CNN's Miguel Marquez traveled to Macomb County, Michigan to speak with voters about their feelings about the conclusions of the Mueller report. One Trump backer, Ford auto worker Brian Pannebecker, said: "I make of it exactly what Donald Trump said it was. It was fake news. It was a witch hunt. It was a hoax all along. As a matter of fact, I think they need to investigate the people that funded the fake dossier. They are the real criminals in this." "If the Democrats were smart they would start working with President Trump instead of trying to overturn the results of the election," Pannebacker added. "The guy didn't do anything wrong." Henry Yanez, a Democratic City Council member, said "it was a little bit surprising that more wasn't revealed" by Mueller. "I think Democrats really need to roll up their sleeves and get to work on the issues that are important to people in my state." John Skantze, a self-identified moderate Republican who voted for Trump, said the Mueller summary is good news for the president but said he could be persuaded to consider supporting Biden for president in 2020. "I think it helped him a lot, and it got rid of a big stigma with his following," Skantze said.