Decoding The Metaverse Revolution For Business

The Internet has transformed the analogue economy, transforming existing business models and making them digital. Fintech innovation has made accessing online financial services much easier. In the world of business and finance, a new battleground is forming in this new iteration of the digital realm and a new FinTech community is building an alternative financial universe. What is the future of the Metaverse then? How can the online world be transformed to become more immersive and blur the line of what's physical and digital? Is it a far reality before we spend a majority of our time a day using VR devices and we have a metaverse piece of representation? What's the piping that needs to be developed and what could augment its adoption? What does it mean for cryptocurrency and decentralization and is there a generational shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0? Catch industry experts- Nitin Sharma, Partner - Antler, Kanishk Gaur, Founder - India Future Foundation and Abhinav Varma Kalidindi, Founder & CEO - Ikonz break it down with Shrija Agrawal.