The Diamond Dribbling Reaction Drill is meant to improve players' dribbling and close ball control, while reacting to external clues, while utilizing FITLIGHT®. The FITLIGHT® are arranged in a diamond, and the player starts at one with the ball. As the lights activate in a random order, the player must dribble to the active light, wave their hand in front of it to deactivate it while staying in control of the ball, and then dribble to the next active light. Players should focus on dribbling at speed while keeping the ball close and in control. They should use a mix of the sole, inside, and outside of both feet to keep the ball under control. Their head should stay up as much as possible, especially between the turns so they can see which light activates next. This drill is great for all positions and skill levels. Players should go through the exercise as fast as possible. Using the FITLIGHT app, players can create competitions with other players, and track their scores over time to see improvement in how many lights can be deactivated in a set amount of time.