<p>Oops I Did It Again didn&#39;t have to pop off like this!<br /> <br /> Britney Spears goes to Mars in the music video for &quot;Oops I Did It Again&quot; - today we rewatch the iconic video while learning some insider facts from the day.</p> <p>Leave a comment! What&#39;d you think of the music video? What other videos should I make reactions to?</p> <p>GO TO MISGUIDEDMERMAN.COM FOR ALL MY LINKS!<br /> (hint: I&#39;m @misguidedmerman on everything)<br /> <br /> Stop using lighters and start smoking with hemp wick! [ad]<br /> Use code &#39;MISGUIDEDMERMAN&#39; to save 10% at checkout!!<br />​</p> <p>Sending love to everyone taking the time to read this-- you are appreciated, your life has value, and your perspective is something no one can take from you! Thank you for taking time out of your day to watch my wet and hairy face. This fuzzy face loves you and appreciates you.</p> <p>Stay safe, stay sane, and remember to always stay golden~ XoXo - $exyFish</p>