Will AI Kill the Future of the Creative Arts?

From AI-generated paintings to composing symphonies and writing scripts and novels, ChatGPT, DeepDream, DALL·E, and other types of AI are challenging how we see the human endeavor to express, innovate, and connect. Algorithms creating art is no longer science fiction— and some people worry they do it better. Will the human touch be obsolete? Those arguing “yes” say without knowledge of human emotions and experiences, any AI-created art will always lack depth and relatability. They are also concerned that with AI capable of producing art rapidly and at a potentially reduced cost, human artists might face economic challenges, with their works being undervalued or overshadowed. Those arguing “no” claim AI is another tool in an artist's toolkit, and it makes creating more accessible for artists who didn’t have traditional training. From there, AI will create new opportunities to express artistic talents in ways that we can’t yet imagine. With this context displayed on canvas, we debate: Will AI Kill the Future of the Creative Arts?