Recharge Connect Movement 1.8

Equipment 20 Min EMOM Min 1- 6 Renegade Row + 8 Floor Press Min 2- 6 Push Ups + 4 Inch Worms or Pike Sliders Athlete's Goals: Pick appropriate weight and knowing the feel between a push vs a pull. Coaching Emphasis: Attempting to understand which weights to use, especially for the floor press, do 4 unilateral or 8 bilateral. Want to make sure not all movement is felt in front of shoulder or just in biceps. Should be able to feel lats and mid back for pulling movements. Physio Perspective: Large upper body workout. Volume of 60 renegade rows, 80 floor press, 60 push ups, 40 pike sliders. Have people decrease overall volume to a 14 or 16 min EMOM if having upper body issues. Don't feel neck and be aware of position, don't let low back fall during the renegade rows.