Baking with Ardent: The Birthday Cupcake Infusion Kit!

<p>So much fun making &lt;b&gt;Ardent&rsquo;s Birthday Cupcake Infusion Kit!&lt;/b&gt; The Ardent Birthday Cupcake Infusion Kit is a hit whether celebrating someone&rsquo;s birthday, graduation, or just showing love to your favorite stoner by doing something fun together!</p> <p>Customize your cupcakes with included zodiac candies, and make a wish as you blow out your Birthjay, an included joint/candle hybrid. Blow up both &ldquo;Happy Birthday! Let&rsquo;s Get Baked!&rdquo; balloons to set the vibe, and slip the included grinder/cake froster into your wallet for safekeeping anytime you need a joint or instant edible.</p> <p>Thanks to Ardent for letting us be a part of the family and BirthJays for such cool hybrid product!</p> <p>Use Code &lt;b&gt;VISINEQUEEN&lt;/b&gt; for a discount on ALL Ardent products and accessories! <a href="" target="_blank">Get your own Infusion Kit now!</a></p> <p></p> <p>&lt;b&gt;What&rsquo;s Included In This Kit?&lt;/b&gt;</p> <p>Accessories:</p> <p>(1) Birthjay</p> <p>(2) &ldquo;Happy Birthday! Let&rsquo;s Get Baked!&rdquo; Balloons</p> <p>(12) Zodiac Pack of Candy Pieces</p> <p>(1) Ardent Card Grinder/Cake Scraper</p> <p>Recipe:</p> <p>(1) Large serving cake mix &ndash; For 4 cupcakes in the FX and 8 in the Nova</p> <p>(1) Ghee &ndash; For cakes, 4 teaspoons and for frosting, 3 ounces</p> <p>(1) Buttercream Frosting Mix</p> <p>(1) Sprinkles</p> <p>(1) Mini Whisk &ndash; To mix your batter, no kitchen required!</p> <p>(1) Branded Measuring Spoon</p> <p>(1) Wooden Spoon</p> <p>(1) Mini Funnel with Straining Screen</p> <p>(1) Reusable Ardent Mixing Cup</p> <p>(4) FX Cupcake Liners</p> <p>(8) Nova Cupcake Liners</p>