Special HippieButler Unboxing On EDIBLES!

Hey everyone! I just received a new box of smoking essentials from https://www.hippiebutler.com/ and wanted to have some fun and unbox them for you!I also took a few edibles so I almost might be a little bit lit ;-) In this unboxing you will find two really unique ceramic pieces and some accessories from ROOR! Should we do another one? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure to check out https://www.hippiebutler.com/for all your smoking needs. Use coupon code “arend” for a discount on your purchase! Check out my video podcast, Watch and Sesh! https://www.theweedtube.com/user/watchandsesh https://www.instagram.com/watchandsesh/ Follow me! https://www.instagram.com/arendrichard/ https://twitter.com/thethceo Snapchat: Arend90