Culture & Cannabis Episode #001 - REDX

Welcome to the Culture & Cannabis podcast! The goal of this podcast is to show off the mover, shakers and money makers in the cannabis industry and the cannabis culture. REDX (@1mred) is an artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. He raps, sings, does theater, plays buckets on the strip and so much more! Check him out on in the first episode of the Culture & Cannabis podcast! The two host are Anthony M. Lee (@fulltimetony) and JC Coats (@_jc_coats). JC Coats is a Las Vegas native who is an overall marketer and event planner. His resume is very long but he most notably started Culture & Cannabis event, which is one of the biggest monthly cannabis in the country. JC also does a ton of marketing consulting for cannabis companies, restaurants, nightclubs and a lot more. Tony is from Las Vegas but currently lives in Reno, Nevada. Tony is the founder of Reno As F***, Reno Cannabis Convention and Budtender Fight Club Reno. Tony also does marketing and sales consulting for cannabis companies such as Harmonious CBD.