Intro To Cannabis Oil (Hash Oil) + CBD Cancer Cells Connection Explained

*ORIGINALLY FILMED IN 2013* It goes by many names: Butane Honey Oil (BHO), Hash Concentrate, Cannabis Extract, Cannabis Oil, Hash Oil, Weed Oil, Wax and Hemp Oil... the last term being just wrong! But what exactly is Cannabis Oil? How do you ingest Hash Oil? How is it made? And more importantly, how does it fight cancer? Today on Lex's World I introduce you guys to the basics of Hash Oil, both as a recreational substance that's gaining massive popularity the last few years and as a medical treatment for diseases like Leukemia and Lung Cancer (that’s right, it doesn’t just battle symptoms of Chemo, but actual cancer cells!). When you concentrate Cannabis, you also concentrate the medical & non-psychoactive Cannabinoid known as Cannabidiol - CBD, which you may have heard about in the last few years for its interesting interactions with cancer cells. We also talk about the approach that the pharmaceutical industry is taking with Cannabinoids and studying concentrates and isolated Cannabinoids in general. Some may argue its an outright conspiracy but I don't believe that's exactly true. 2017 UPDATE: Rick Simpson did a phone interview with recently, regarding his original CBD oil, and while he continues to say today that CBD is important to the anti-cancerous process, he now also considers THC to be an important component of the equation. He is not a doctor, of course (and states that he is living in Europe and no longer involved with Cannabis oil) but his first-hand experience with this is more robust than anyone's on earth, so it's an interesting note. Need to get in touch with me? Please visit my 420 Club for info: You can help me LOTS just by shopping at my Amazon Store...all grow gear and paraphernalia, like basic dabbing gear, hand-picked by me: See my episode on Hash Basics: My Facebook: My Twitter: Cannabis SEEDS: Please go to the following URL for worldwide shipping from a reliable company + a deal on seeds (if the link doesn't work, you gotta pause Adblock, also, make sure you favorite this link):