'Focus on how to think, not what to think': PM Modi on NEP 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the ‘Conclave on Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under National Education Policy’ via video link. PM Modi said that the NEP focuses on encouraging critical thinking among students. PM Modi said that the new National Education Policy focuses on 'how to think', while the education system till now in the country emphasised on 'what to think'. He said that the NEP will help empower India's future generations. PM Modi also said that while education should teach people to become global citizens, it is equally important to remember the significance of being connected to one's roots. Prime Minister Modi said a certain kind of 'herd mentality' prevailed under the previous education policies and stressed on the need for critical thinking for all-round development of students. He further said that the decision to teach in vernacular till class 5 will help students learn the subject matter more deeply and will set them up well for the future. Watch the full video for all the details on the Prime Minister's speech.