Trump: Everybody Involved In Kavanaugh Story At 'New York Times' Must Resign, Destroyed Old Gray Lady's "Virtue"

At a campaign rally Monday night, President Donald Trump denounced 'The New York Times' for a recent controversial report on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Trump accused reporters of destroying the Old Gray Lady's "virtue" and ruining her reputation. President Trump campaigns in Rio Rancho, New Mexico at the Santa Ana Star Arena: <blockquote>PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: They will do whatever they can to demean you, to libel you. They try to blacklist, coerce, cancel or destroy anyone who gets in their way. Look at what they are doing today to Justice Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh. Did you see the New York Times? Did you see what they are doing? Did you see what Democrats -- they're calling for his resignation. They are calling for his impeachment. And the woman involved said she did not know anything, but they still -- the New York Times had to put out a major apology and change their story. The woman said, I do not remember that. And they still want him to be impeached. And I just put out a statement -- and he is a great man, by the way. A great talent. A great, brilliant man, Brett Kavanaugh. I just put out a statement on social media that said -- I do not think they will do it, but they should, for the good of the nation. I called for the resignation of everybody at the New York Times involved in the Kavanaugh smear story. And while you are at it, the Russian witch hunt hoax, which is just as phony a story. They've taken the Old Gray Lady -- you know, the New York Times, for years, the Old Gray Lady, so prestigious. They have taken the Old Gray Lady and broken her down, destroyed her virtue, and ruined her reputation. She can never recover and will never return to greatness under current management. The Times is dead. Long live the New York Times. Long live the New York Times. I do want it to live, but they have to change their ways.</blockquote>