Blackhawk Stache IWB Holster Review Fred 2022

One of the biggest challenges we face in the concealed carry world is finding the right holster. We search high and low, listen to friends, and read reviews. We finally make our choice, and the holster soon arrives on our doorstep. We quickly put it on and while we are not disappointed, we realize there are a few things that we would change to make it fit us better. Unfortunately, we are stuck with what we have, and we find ourselves just living with the rig we have. The team at Blackhawk, however, sees things differently. Like you and I, they are serious about their EDC gear and believed it was time to make a better rig. With that, they have launched the Blackhawk Stache IWB Holster. The Stache is the most technologically advanced, modular concealed carry holster system that I have ever seen. The Stache IWB holster system is designed to be the ultimate solution for everyday carry, outperforming the design and material limitations of Kydex. The Stache has a good combination of comfort, rigidity, and modularity. It is designed to be worn inside the waistband, is constructed of impact-reinforced, injection-molded polymer, and is compatible with a variety of Stache IWB holster accessories. For this piece, Blackhawk sent me the premium configuration to test. It includes an adjustable concealment claw to reduce printing, an adjustable inside-the-waistband magazine carrier with a belt clip, and an accessory attachment wing for joining the holster and mag carrier into the platform. Modularity is the key to the Stache. It can be set up for the right or left-hand shooters and you are able to set the cant you like to have on your rig. The concealment claw has adjustments as well. Blackhawk has included three different size pads you can choose from in order to fine-tune the holster's fit. Like the holster, the mag pouch is adjustable to allow for front or rear-facing mag placement. You simply choose the orientation you prefer and mount the pouch. The mag pouch can also be canted at various angles as well as mounted at different heights. I used the rig and found it to be comfortable. What was exciting to me was that after initially wearing it, I needed to make some changes and was able to. This right here is what sets the Stache apart in my mind. The holster is pure Blackhawk and is extremely well made. From the angles and lack of sharp edges to the overall finish of the rig, it is a winner. If you are in the market for a new IWB holster, you would be well served to take a close look at the new Stache IWB holster from Blackhawk.