Preventing Senior Citizen Falls In Your Home

Falls are the number one cause of injuries for the elderly. One out of three senior citizens takes a fall each year—many of them resulting in serious injury. If you have someone elderly living with or visiting you, here are a few quick ways to make your home more safe. #1 - THE BATHROOM This room can be one of the most slippery places in the house. Consider adding low-profile bath matts for the floor, and high-grip rubber mats for the bottom of the shower or tub. Other items like grab bars, shower chairs, sliding transfer benches, long shower handles, and commodes can help with safety, too. #2 - TRIPPING HAZARDS Avoid loose-fitting shoes on seniors, as this can easily cause a stumble. If you have scatter rugs in your house, try using double-sided tape to keep them secure—especially the edges. Otherwise, it may be best to get rid of the rugs altogether—it’s just not worth the risk. Clutter can also pose a major risk. Try to keep your floors and walkways free from toys and obstacles. #3 - STAIRS Make sure you have sturdy handrails along the steps. If they are loose or flimsy, you’ll want to repair or replace them as soon as possible. A chair lift might also be an option for those who aren't able to make the climb without assistance. #4 - MEDICAL CARE Senior citizens should schedule regular health checkups, and talk to their doctor about staying safe at home. If prescribed medicine, be aware of potential side-effects that cause dizziness, drowsiness, or disorientation that may lead to a fall. A little preparation and preventive maintenance in your home can add years and cherished memories to a loved one’s life. For more information on products that can help people of all ages, contact Alpine Home Medical at 801-463-0044.