Fit For Christmas - Week 4 (Shoulder Raises)

If you're looking to build stronger, more defined and healthier shoulders, then you need to include the overhead press in your shoulder workout. When performing this exercise in standing position, it works most of the larger muscles in the upper body and further improves your core strength, posture and mobility. When extending the dumbbells overhead, it targets many of the postural muscles in the back and shoulders. This is key for preventing muscular tightness and imbalances in these areas, especially if training your anterior muscles from exercises such as "Push Ups" and "Chest Press" regularly. Your core and lower back are also strongly activated during the overhead movement. These muscles are constantly engaged when maintaining a straight position when extending overhead. The shoulder press is another exercise that contributes to giving that strong square frame. You need to concentrate on correct form during this workout and not rush the movement. Doing this exercise the wrong way can result with injury. So take good care!