Bride Surprises Grandparents Wearing Grandma's Repurposed 1961 Wedding Dress | Happily TV

A bride surprised her grandparents by showing up to her rehearsal dinner in her grandmother's wedding dress from 1961. To Taylor Pulfer, 29, her grandmother Sue, 82, and her husband, Dan, 82, are the beacon of the family – their 65 years together being the epitome of a strong marriage. Taylor from Dallas, Texas, said she had no real family heirlooms to incorporate into her big celebration – but then she remembered that her grandmother's dress had played a big part in more than one family wedding. More than two decades after Sue had worn her wedding dress for her marriage to Dan, the couple’s daughter, Angela, wore the dress for her wedding in Wichita, Kansas, in 1984. Taylor decided to keep her incorporation low-key and secret, asking her mom to visit her grandma to check if she still had the dress, which she then found in a garment bag in a relative's attic. Having sourced the dress, Taylor had a vision of what she wanted to accomplish: repurposing it for the rehearsal dinner before her big day. She admitted that she had no idea how to go about such alterations – but fortunately, one of her bridesmaids had seen a viral TikTok video of a wedding dress redesign by a designer, Lovell Faye, who lived just 20 minutes away. On February 23, Taylor and her husband Randall, 29, made their way into Sixty Vines in Uptown, Dallas, where they hosted a rehearsal dinner in the venue's greenhouse. Taylor, wearing the altered dress, made a B-line straight for her grandmother, who did not realize the garment's significance but said that Taylor looked beautiful, "like a ballerina." Then, when Taylor and family members broke the news to Dan and Sue about their granddaughter's dress, the couple were taken aback, later sharing a tear over the gesture's thoughtfulness. Mandatory credit: Taylor Pulfer / T&T Creative Media