ICKEY SHUFFLE - Ladder To Success 2 • Ages 10-13

ICKEY SHUFFLE - LADDER TO SUCCESS 2 . AGES 10-13 Director of Soccer Operations at Somerset Academy Canyons, Coach Eric De Sousa, combines both shoulder drops learned in progression 1 into an Ickey Shuffle footwork exercise. With a Speed & Agility Ladder on the ground, the player now starts inside the square with two light steps following one heavy shoulder drop step outside the square, transitioning to right and left shoulder drops after every square. Keeping a relaxed upper body, natural running movement with our arms, and relaxed shoulders, the athletes can progressively increase the speed of movement as long as the rhythm of their feet remains consistent. If a ladder is unavailable, you may use tape or any form of a straight line on the ground. This progression is recommended every other day for 10 to 20 minutes.