Glock Model 30 45 Acp Gun Review

The Glock Model 30 is a Compact 45 ACP handgun with a 10-round magazine capacity. Introduced in 1997, it has been a very popular big bore option. Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition! Sportsman's Guide $20 off $100 or more purchase using SOOTCH The Glock Model 30 is a 10-round capacity compact 45 ACP pistol designed for the American market. 45 ACP has always been very popular here in the U.S. This was the compact version. In 1991 they introduced the model 21, which is a 13 + 1 capacity and it is a full-sized pistol. Very thick, yet very capable. I mean it is Glock reliability. The one thing about either the 21 or the model 13 is that they are thick with a higher round capacity than your standard 1911.