Rollin'! 5 Roach Joints in 1 minute. Fast Forward, no audio.

<p>The Canadian CHRONiSSEUR rolls 5 roach joints in one minute.</p><p>No Audio, needs music.</p><p>The feature of the month(s) June and July 2022 was rrrRoaches.</p><p>Rolled some, smoked lots, made more by smokin more, joints and roaches and roach joints and second gen roaches and second gen roach joints oh my!</p><p>CRDs are The CHRONiSSEUR's Roach Doobies. Cause CRD is easier to say then CRJ? CHRONiSSEUR'S Roach JOINTS? CRBs? CHRONiSSEUR's Roach Blunts? CRFs or CRPhs? Whoa.</p><p>Blazed a few CRDs so far, more to come.</p><p>Also, see <a href="" target="_blank">30 Roach Joints</a> for 200+ roaches turning into 30 roach joints.</p>