Inside La’s Secret Black Market Weed Packaging Mecca | Cash Only

Inside LA’s Secret Black Market Weed Packaging Mecca Cash Only visited downtown LA’s wholesale cannabis packaging district — the area where black market weed ops get the materials to make counterfeit products such as mylar bags, flower jars, vape carts, edibles packaging, and much more. If you want to start an underground weed brand — or bootleg an established brand like Cookies, Jeeter Juice, or Raw Garden — this is where you design and buy your wares in bulk. It’s essentially an IRL Alibaba. Every time you see a counterfeit or unlicensed pot product in a New York bodega, such as Flamin’ Hot Weedos or bags with stoned Rick and Morty on them, it likely came from this part of LA. Watch as we explore the area and highlight a major part of the underground weed ecosystem that is hiding in plain site. Follow Cash Only: