GUN REVIEW: Watch IV8888 Take the Mossberg 590S Shotgun for a Spin at the Range

For the ultimate in shooting flexibility, Mossberg’s 590S family of 12-gauge pump-action shotguns are capable of cycling 1.75, 2.75, and 3-inch shotshells interchangeably, in any combination, without the use of an adaptor. Pick one shotshell length for specific shooting needs, or simultaneously load any combination of those shell lengths. The 590S Series includes two full-length stock options and two versions of the bird’s head-gripped Shockwave. With multiple versions available including optics-ready and Shockwave, there’s a 590S to fit everyone. The capacity on this shotgun is looney tunes! We kicked it off shooting 14 rounds of mini-shells, 13 in the tube and one in the chamber, which allowed us to get a little more payload downrange with a little more round count. You can see the shells were hitting exactly where I wanted them to hit, tracking very well with the sights. The sight features a gold bead on the front but you can see that with the 590S, Mossberg has added an optics mount plate designed to run with micro-concealed carry sights, like Trijicon, Crimson Trace, Vortex, and more. A lot of companies are producing micro-carry pistol sights that are made to mount directly to the top of the receiver. That’s definitely one nice feature of the 590S. You can still mount a traditional rail on top if that’s what you prefer, the patterns for the holes are the same, you’ll just have the plate underneath, which is no big deal. This is the Mossberg shotgun we all know and love but it can take mini-shells and you’ve got the optics availability. The furniture, the layout of the gun, the bayonet lug – the rest of it is built off the original 590, which is a great shotgun. One thing I will call out is that on this 590S, it’s threaded for chokes as well. So you do have the option to drop in different chokes if you want to. We used Aguila buckshot ammo for our first shots with the 590S and this 1-3/4 IN | 5/8 OZ | 4B (7P) 1B (4P) is kind of like a candy cane mixture. With that particular load, you’ve got a 5/8 ounce load going at 1200 feet per second so it’s still delivering a good smackdown but you’ve also got 14 rounds in the tube. If you live in a state that has magazine restrictions, the 590S would be a good option to bump up the capacity of your home-defense firearm, which is nice. While there were some devices available for the 590 previously that you could install to allow shotguns to accept mini-shells, it’s really nice that Mossberg listened to customer demand and redesigned the 590S to accept mini-shells. Not only are they affordable, they allow you to get more shots downrange so it’s a nice option to have on a new shotgun right out of the box. I think the big selling point of the Mossberg 590S is its ability to accept multiple shells including the mini-shell and the cut for the red dot sight, I think those are really nice features on a pump-action shotgun. FOR MORE INFO: