Explained: India bans PUBG, 117 more Chinese apps amid fresh border tussle

The Indian government has announced a ban on 118 more mobile applications made by Chinese companies. This is the third instance of a ban on apps of Chinese origin. The first list contained 59 apps, including popular social media platform TikTok, and the second list had clones of the previous applications. The latest targets hugely popular mobile game PUBG, along with others like Xiaomi's ShareSave, WeChat, and Baidu. The government has claimed that the apps steal and surreptitiously send users' data abroad and pose a threat to national security. The move comes in the backdrop of fresh provocation by China along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh. Indian Army said that Chinese forces tried to 'unilaterally change facts on the ground' in the intervening night of August 29 and 30. India's digital offensive has inspired other nations like the United States of America as well, with the Donald Trump administration targeting TikTok. Watch the full video for more.