The Manchester Derby, Spurs looking great and is the Pogba saga FINALLY ending? - Big Weekend

Mark Smith is joined by Football365 Editor Sarah Winterburn for this week’s edition of Big Weekend, in association with Paddy Power. Manchester United host Manchester City - in a derby that used to be tight, can the increasing ruthlessness of Pep’s men handle the occasional brilliant/often chaotic home side? If Arsenal lose against Burnley, what happens next to Mikel Arteta? With some Arsenal fans genuinely worried about a possible relegation battle (2020 eh?), the Gunners need victory at all costs, and Mark needs his constant backing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to be rewarded… Wolves take on a fully rested Villa side in a game that is a derby but not the biggest derby for either sides. Can Wolves open up a little bit more and rediscover their attractive football, or will Villa, who are great on the road, impress again? Frank Lampard is impressing Sarah at the moment, after the initials concerns over him getting the job and him spending more than Britain’s transport budget on players. He faces old boss Carlo Ancelotti, whose bombastic Everton side is questionable defensively… Spurs should beat Palace, but in Roy Hodgson Palace have one of the Premier League’s great pragmatists. Can a “perfect Jose side” defeat them? And finally a quick work on the latest turn in the Paul Pogba saga, which is now duller than Eastenders and possibly longer running… So with The Manchester Derby, Arteta on the edge, Chelsea making a charge at it and Mino Raiola more famous than most Kings…it sounds like a Big Weekend to us.