MeToo's Wall Of Defense| Nammalariyanam| Mathrubhumi News

The MeToo campaign started off on October 15, 2017 from America. This revolution spread all over the world when women took to social media to express the sexual violence faced by them at workplaces. It soon reached Kerala as well. MeToo spread a new wave of revolution. The women spoke out to the world that they were not destined to live their life suffering and that they would bravely fight all the odds to come out more stronger. But post one year, the women from the place it all began, live their life in worry. In a world where women have shown that they are capable to fight for justice, the male dominant corporate sector has indirectly shown the exit door to their female colleagues who have been the victim of MeToo. So should women in corporate sector built a wall of defense against MeToo? Nammalariyanam.