Harvest Vlog 2019

<p>In this video I take you along our harvest season for our outdoor cannabis plants. Harvest season started around mid October this year for us. My husband and I grew 2 outdoor plants for the 2019 season. This was my first harvest being involved and I learned alot. Trimming took much longer than anticipated and thus this vlog was a little delayed. Nonetheless, here it is!</p> <p>Disclaimer: This channel does not encourage the use of cannabis. Please follow your local laws and regulations. In Ontario, Canada all adults over the age of 19 can consume cannabis recreationally. I am an adult over 19. In Canada, each household can grow 4 cannabis plants legally. Also, I have my ACMPR licence which allows me to grow additional plants for personal medical use. Nothing is for sale here.</p> <p>Music by Alundra - Smile - https://thmatc.co/?l=9A643702</p> <p>Music by Zachary Friederich - The Ballad Of Janie Sue And Johnny Blue (Instrumental) - https://thmatc.co/?l=D7DEBB8F</p>