Inside The Clone Dome Episode #1 - Cannabis - Grow - Clones - Weedcash - Seedlings

<p>In this small series that will talk about clone or just the benefits of a clone Dome for starting clones to seedlings.</p> <p>This is Episode #1 it just goes on to show off a few the strains I am running this round of clones from the steem OG to the big nug fast #3.</p> <p>I will also include any none cannabis plants that I have started in the domes as well from cat grass to basil.</p> <p>LBRY - - Monetize all your content</p> <p>Cryptotab - Earn bitcoin running in background</p> <p>Publish0x - Earn Crypto For Reading</p> <p>Weedcash - Post Your Cannabis Grows/Reviews/StonerShit</p> <p>Canna-Curate - Come Join A Bunch Of Stoners Chat About Everything</p> <p>#cannabis #steem #growing #growtent #steemog #seedsman #nugfast #growyourown #cannabiscanada #stoners #stonerfam</p>