Chuck Todd Claims No Bias At MSNBC: "No Editorial Point Of View On Any Of These Newscasts"

Host Chuck Todd informed viewers that there is no editorial point of view on MSNBC after a guest charged that the network is hypocritical for criticizing Trump rallies over masks but not sharing the same health concern for large gatherings with a political message that they agree with. "We take extraordinary steps to protect the people at rally," Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said Wednesday on MSNBC. "We gave everyone who came in had to pass a temperature check. We provided more hand sanitizer than any large group could use. No organized efforts for safety at these protests "I do not recall MSNBC or CNN or anybody being concerned about the safety of those gatherings," Murtaugh continued. "But, suddely, when it is a President Trump rally then these safety measures are of paramount. But when it's a large gathering with a political message that MSNBC would agree with, suddenly safety measures are really on the back burner." Murtaugh was responding to MSNBC's Katy Tur pressuring him on how the campaign will protect people in terms of public health after the Governor of Oklahoma contracted the coronavirus after a rally in Tulsa. "Just a reminder for what it's worth, there is no editorial point of view here on any of these newscasts on MSNBC in the daytime," network host Chuck Todd said after an awkward pause at the conclusion of the segment.