My 1st Wax Infused Pre-Roll (au naturel)

<p>WELP Sundayafternoon I abandoned Instacart after a full week of working too much so I could venture to the dispensary and start my Christmas shopping for my sisters who don&#39;t even care to know me, but it&#39;s fine... I&#39;d rather give the gift of euphoria vs a stupid candle. Later in the evening while editing last night I tried lookingup more online info for the pre roll description... but it was sold out and unavailable... sooo I&#39;m glad I grabbed 3 while I could. Sidenote: I can only afford monthly trips to the dispensary and I&#39;ve never seen these before! I would rate the pre roll experience a 9.5out of 10. I almost want to keep the other pre rolls LOL ...Anywayz, I hope ya&#39;ll are doing well. I tried to keep this smoke sesh on the lighter side so Iedited it out ramble that was &quot;drama&quot; or &quot;sad&quot;. Asking Santa for peace this Christmas ...even thou this video refused to upload last night via mobile, and this morning SO HERE WE ARE MONDAY AFTERNOON TRYING AGAIN FOR THE 3RD TIME. Maybe God doesn&#39;t want you guys to see me with no makeup on again(?) JK JK the actual lesson here if you&#39;re still reading is: &quot;Peace is not the absence of problems.&quot; Say that out loud...The struggle is real ...but KEEP GOING we shall, also I looked it up after the fact and according to the Bible the last day of Christmas is January 6th :) yay </p>