Co-Founder of High Times Richard Stratton on representing himself and getting his sentence reduced

<p>Author, director and producer Richard Stratton tells his first hand experience of becoming his own lawyer in the late 90&#39;s after being convicted of smuggling marijuana from Mexico to California and sentenced to 25 years in jail. He then represented himself to have his sentence reduced and was release after serving 8 years of his original sentence! Watch and share! This is important to talk about the history of our country&#39;s marijuana laws and how we can advocate to release non-violent marijuana offenders from prison. Cannabis should be legal in this country.</p> <p>Donate to our cause and get exclusive perks:<br /> Check out our website:</p> <p>#richardstratton #marijuanasmuggler #cannabislawreform #unitedcannabisclub #cannabislaw</p>