SHOOTING ON TARGET - Winning Shooting Skills 1 • Ages 10-13

Founder of So Flo Coaching, Eric De Sousa teaches the ability to create space from a defender in order to have a goal scoring opportunity by testing the Goalkeeper from the edge of the box or beyond. Most young players believe you have to beat and get past the defender to shoot, when all one needs to do is create enough space to get a shot off- as long as you put the shot on target to test the keeper. Not every shot attempted needs to be a goal, but every shot attempted needs to put the goalkeeper to the test. Set up a pole or cone, if available, to act as the defender in between the player and the goal. On the coach’s cue, the player takes a properly weighted touch with the outside of their shooting foot which allows him or her to create enough space for a goal scoring opportunity. As the majority of shots are not taken at the beginning of games, 10-15 shots are recommended towards the end of your sessions, 3-4 times a week.