Arizona's legal and medical cannabis program is on Fire! More than $1 Billion worth of cannabis sold

<p>2021 was the first full year of legal recreational cannabis sales in the state of Arizona. Not surprisingly, the state made its tax expectation. What was surprising? They made $196 million. &quot;Customers had purchased more than $1.23 billion worth of cannabis products since voters approved a referendum to legalize the drug for adult use in November of 2020. The actual figures were likely higher, as data from December was incomplete. More than half of the revenue came from Arizona&rsquo;s medical marijuana program. Sales of recreational products, which are taxed at a higher rate, accounted for $528 million.&quot; Watch to find out what they are doing with that money and how other states can follow suit. Put one up in the air for Arizona.</p> <p>SOURCE: NY Times</p> <p></p>