HEADING TO SCORE. USSF Certified Coach, Virginia State Cup Champion, and U15 Boca Head Coach, Tyler Cornelio, demonstrates a drill for learning how to score with headers in this football training video. Two lines of players start around the top of the 18 yard box, one on each side of the goal. The first players in each alternate running forwards toward goal and trying to score off a lobbed ball with a header. Two football players or coaches, one on each post, will feed the ball in the air to the first player in the opposite line as they run in to head the ball. Players should look to jump and get above the ball so that they can head it downwards. Headers that bounce are much more difficult to save for goalkeepers, as they are more challenging to both reach and predict. This drill is very important for soccer forwards, midfielders, and any defenders involved in set pieces or who join the attack. It will help players master the right technique for scoring with a header off of a cross or set piece. Learning how to score off a cross, corner kick, and free kick with a header, is a very important skill to learn and master. Practicing the proper technique in a controlled environment will also help ensure that players can execute the motion safely in a match, without getting injured. Follow your country's age guidelines on what age to introduce heading, and how frequently to practice it at each age to ensure safety. Safety and proper technique are always the priorities when learning how to head in soccer.